December Birthdays

The reason for the season is the birth of Jesus Christ! Some of us also have to make plans for other loved ones who have birthdays during this very busy month. My son, husband and mother are all December babies, this leads to a very active schedule beyond the traditional seasonal celebrations. I am always trying to be creative when it comes to my children’s parties. This year was no different, and I must say that he told me it was his favorite yet!! Score for the momma!! My son turned 11 yesterday, and we started the morning off with our traditional decorating of the bedroom. For as long as I have had children, they wake up on the morning of their birth to a fully balloon and streamer laden bedroom. This is  something that I am sure will be greatly missed when my daughter leaves for college next year!! Since it was a school day, we were able to take in snacks to his classroom, which this year consisted of donuts!! Always a crowd pleas-er, and none of the baking mess for me! Another win for the momma!! After school my daughters and I picked him and his bestie  and we went to a new beignet spot that had opened this month. Quite tasty, and again, no mess to clean up. We had a big evening planned, and so with less than an hour at home I whipped up a few mugs of hot chocolate and played “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” on the TV. All three children stayed riveted long enough for me to gather my wares for the rest of the evenings excitement. My girlfriend lives in a quaint gated community outside of our town that relies heavily on golf carts as the main source of transportation. So after a warm welcome with birthday banners, and a fabulous pizza dinner followed by sugar cookie decorating, we loaded into three golf carts to tour the community and their amazing display of Christmas lights. Now let me explain this so that you can truly get a sense of the pure joy this brought!! My girlfriend wrapped us in only the warmest and coziest of blankets, doled out hot cocoa mugs for the little ones, and Bailey’s and coffee for those who chose to imbibe. We had Christmas music wafting from ipods and some of the carts even had heaters!! I have always wanted to treat my children to a horse drawn carriage ride to see the lights, but none are available in our area. Well, I think I can make a business out of last night’s holiday light tour. It was spectacular on every level. The laughter, smiles and all around Christmas spirit enveloped the young and the old. The evening wrapped up with birthday cake and presents and then finally retiring into her basement( this doesn’t do justice for the magical winter wonderland she has converted this space into) and settled in for a late night fireside viewing of “A Christmas Story”. This was a birthday my son, nor any of those involved, will soon forget. Many thanks to my girlfriend Jeanne, who so lovingly orchestrated this phenomenal event. She opened her house and her heart to our family once again and infused the evening with just that special touch of Jeanne magic!! Thank you so very much, you are so dear to us all!! Merry Christmas, I hope this is a springboard for any of you who might also have  December birthdays to celebrate!!!

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