Today is a monumental day for me!! I achieved over 300 subscribers on my YouTube channel. This is a major success for me. I wanted to say thank you to all the family, friends and fellow decorating lovers who continue to watch and support me. I started with YouTube on October 10, 2010 thinking that it was a great way to express my creative prowess. I had no idea how very therapeutic my foray into social networking would be. I have met so many amazing people and literally have conversed with people from all over the world!! For those of you who may be suffering trepidations as to whether or not to share your visions and ideas with others, I would say definitely give it a try. I was so very nervous on those first few videos, and was terrified that no one would ever watch. My realization was that there is no better forum than YouTube, blogs, or Facebook to share and get feedback on your innermost creative being!! I have gained confidence and pride from sharing my designs with all of you, and I hope that this might help to spur some of you to do the same. And for those of  you who just enjoy discovering new and exciting ideas in the world of decorating, I hope you continue to follow me and I will do my best to continuing bring you the best I have to offer!!! Happy Halloween!!!

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