Tree Trimming Time

Like it or not, the holidays are here!! The rush is not just a line in a well known Christmas jingle, but a very real reality for all of us!! I hope that you all had a moment to share with your loved ones on Thanksgiving and are now in the throes of some serious decorating!! I had the pleasure of having my family come to visit and in turn help me with some of the decorating. I think this is a fair trade- I feed them a sumptuous dinner and they offer me free labor!! If you don’t have this extra help, you are probably a bit frantic right now. As always, I am going to suggest that you attempt to make your decorating enjoyable by whipping up a cup of holiday inspired coffee and definitely play some Christmas music. I promise you the smells and sounds of the holiday will inspire even the biggest procrastinators!! Hopefully you have had the opportunity to see the many videos that I have added to my YouTube channel these last two weeks. There are some really helpful and innovative ideas for those of you who feel like your creative juices have been zapped. Today’s picture is of my Christmas tree. This was quite the endeavor, as the tree is a mere 14 plus feet!! It had the makings of a Christmas comedy watching my husband and I hauling that behemoth into the house! Note, the kids stayed as far away as possible- something about all the cursing must have scared them!!! Once the tree was erect, and no longer appearing to topple at the slightest movement, I had my moment of holding my breath. Yes, for me it is that first night that I wait for my tree to drink the water. I cannot tell you how much I fret about the fact that the perfect tree that I have so lovingly picked out might just possible shrivel up and drop all it’s needles before the month is done. Fortunately, the tree appears to be healthy enough to endure the heat in the house, as well as the weight of all those ornaments!! So I write this with my tree all aglow and only the front yard to tackle now that the rains have stopped. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, remember that the beauty of the season stems directly from your attitude towards it. Embrace this time of year that warrants good deeds, cheer and family and friends!! Merry Christmas to you all!!

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  1. Ana
    Ana December 14, 2012 at 3:00 pm | | Reply

    Beautiful decorating video on youtube about this tree! You are so talented!

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