Down the Rabbit Hole

I just finished a conversation with a dear friend of mine who continued to express how she felt as if her life was mimicking that of Alice in Wonderland, you know that part where her life is swirling out of control as she drops down the hole. Well, so convinced that she is living a reenactment of Alice’s life, she and her three children are all dressing up as characters from the movie this Halloween!! I thought this was a darling idea, as well as a great way to put a humorous spin on all of what life has to offer and how we choose to handle it. So, in keeping along the thematic origin of her Alice doppelganger, I formulated a delightful way for her to celebrate her husband’s birthday tomorrow. She is starting the morning off with fresh baked muffins to help roust her sleeping characters from their beds. She is going to have several notes such as Drink Me- Eat Me etc… scattered about the breakfast table. A large poster ( purchased from the Dollar Store of course) will say Happy Birthday Daddy, Please Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole!! This is a great way to stir up excitement and anticipation for what the evening has in store for them. An air of mystery is always paramount when hosting a thematic event. That evening she is serving dinner on the family room floor, where the family will gather on oversized pillows,  just like Cheshire Cat.  She is going to have a special birthday viewing of Alice and Wonderland as their mealtime entertainment. The dessert for the evening is going to consist of an array of miniature cupcakes (everything has been shrunk due to the fall down the rabbit hole) frosted and sprinkled with bright brilliant colors. And although they are celebrating a very Happy Unbirthday in the movie, they will take time to sing a very Happy Birthday to the daddy!!

I guarantee you that this will be one of the most memorable birthdays celebrated in their household due to the fact that the entire family got to be involved in the frivolity and not just the birthday person. If your husband is at all like mine, he would just as soon skip over his special day as opposed to dealing with a lot of fanfare on his behalf. I have found that sharing the limelight with all the family members makes his birthday much more tolerable!! The most impressive part of this birthday celebration is it cost little to nothing to create. I often say that it is simply the attention to detail that garners the most attention. When we work smarter not harder everyone gets to enjoy the fun!!!







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    I love this!!

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