Willy Wonka Inspired Edible Wallpaper

It has been far too long since I have blogged and I sincerely apologize for that; however, I am a firm believer that we must embrace those breathtaking moments while we have the opportunity and absolve ourselves of any guilt for putting off the the obligations that can consume our lives. My eldest daughter just celebrated her 18th birthday, and much to my delight requested a trip to Disneyland for her gift. I am blessed with the realization that my child had chosen to spend this very celebrated birthday with our family. I have spoken in the past of this final year of high school, before she leaves off to college, as being a year to be cherished. I don’t let any moment be a missed opportunity to be spent with her, and really have tried to relish every last last I have with her. You know, the last first day of fall, the last time she will wake up in her decorated bedroom at home on her birthday morning, the last time she will be at home for Halloween etc… I get accused of being somewhat morbid at times, obviously this is not a death but rather a door opening to her future- well, maybe it is somewhat of a death for me!! But let me segue back to my initial purpose for this entry- Halloween!! I hope by now some of you have had the chance to view some of my YouTube videos. My most recent is a super fun and rather magical way to turn your Halloween home into a veritable Candyland- edible wallpaper and all. Yes, I have created a way to even make the walls taste amazing. You can see from the picture that this was a Willy Wonka inspired project. I had hosted a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party for my daughter and came up with this novel idea for recreating the edible wallpaper scene of the movie. This is really just swirling jello jiggler mixtures from your turkey baster onto some wax paper. Let it firm up, and then ta-da, you have edible wallpaper too!! This is a great idea if you are hosting a party for your children this Halloween. Their eyes really light up when you tell them that even your walls are candy flavored!! Thank you for welcoming me back into your lives after my birthday hiatus with my daughter. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween and stayed logged in for more Christmas inspired ideas!!!

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  1. Katy J.
    Katy J. October 31, 2012 at 3:37 pm | | Reply

    I remember Sarah’s last year before going off to college, I also celebrated all those last lasts and made sure we did a number of family things from our family “bucket” list as those times together got more precious as each minute ticked down to dropping her off at her dorm. Love your Halloween table, am looking forward to your Christmas tips. I always host a huge Toys for Tots party with a girlfriend and I decorate early and am always looking for new tips. This year we are remodeling our kitchen and hope to be done in time for Thanksgiving so as I’m a little more under the wire decorating-wise I’m so appreciative of all the added ideas I get from you!

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