Decorating Sabbatical

It has been far too long since I have done any blogging, but in all sincerity, I assumed you were all just as overwhelmed as I with the Christmas chaos. Don’t get me wrong, it is still and will always continue to be my favorite time of the year. I tend to put myself into overdrive for the few weeks prior to the big event, and then after a week plus of travel and frivolity, I hit the wall. It has been no different for me this year. I did take my own advice and relished every last moment and meal with my family and friends. Hence the reason I have failed to compose any blogs!!:) This year has brought a new and exciting twist,  the search for the perfect university for my daughter. I really thought that I was completely prepared for this huge endeavor. I had done all the research, talked to all the counselors, and had sought advise from those who’s children had already moved on to higher education. Clearly, one can never really be prepared because as the old saying goes, everyone’s journey is unique to them. So, my apologies for my brief sabbatical- but it has been well earned. I hope all of you are all but done de-christmasing! As with the substantial hours it takes to erect the perfect wonderland, I am very well aware that it takes an equal amount of time and energy to pack it all away. The beauty of this time of year is that you can have a new vision of your personal space and how you might want to make change for the rest of the year. I always try to shake up my décor after the holidays. Sure, I like to return to the simplicity after having garlands, lights and a parade of Christmas characters constantly in my view; but, I always find that I am melancholy after all the holiday cheer and need a décor pick me up!!! So instead of just willy nilly replacing all your items in the same old spot, why not breathe new life into them by moving them into a new room. Why not move your furniture around too? After making room for my trees during the holidays, I find that each room seems to have so much more square footage. Use this new found space to create a new environment. Go slowly on the redecorating process, because after all, you just took down all the clutter. Enjoy the evolution of each space, and don’t feel the pressure of having to have it all completed by a specific date. I love when my children come home from school and I have completed some niche in the house. They all will try to recall where the particular decorative items once were placed. This is somewhat silly, but we all need a little change! So Happy New Year to you all, and enjoy the mental balance that your redecorating can bring!

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