Secret Garden

   I am now in full swing with my decorating and actually have a photo to share! This is a huge accomplishment- I thought I might have to live amongst boxes like someone from “Hoarders” forever!! A few revelations have come my way since I have returned to the world of decorating. First, I have started to keep a list of Christmas wants and needs for the following year on the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets. Every time a novel idea passes my brain, I jot it down on this piece of paper to review for next year. This has really relieved a lot of anxiety for me due to the fact that I am always trying to reinvent Christmas decorating in my house. Second, I make notes upon my storage bins for the following year. This might be as simple as… use these glass cylinders in the bathroom next year, or make sure you have enough C batteries for the garland. These simple tasks have really alleviated the need for me to feel I need to remember all these new visions that I have for next year! I even have a new themed planned for my landing next year that I have completely mapped out on my list! My duty over the weekend was to tackle this landing above the front door. This requires the help of my husband, as he stays perched upon the landing while I direct him from below. I don’t recommend this for all couples! You must be in good spirits prior to venturing in to this endeavor, as well you had better have a honed ability to give succinct direction. We have become relatively gifted at both, since this is he duty every year!! I tried a Secret Garden type of theme this year. I was a bit worried it might come across as too whimsical, but in the end I am pleased with the aesthetic. I wanted it to feel overgrown and as if someone had spent hours of their free time reveling in reading their beloved novels. You tell me if you get that sense conveyed to you from the picture!! I wish you all and enjoyable and relaxed decorating adventure – remember, there is no time frame this time. Enjoy your creations!!

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