Decorating Denial?

I wanted to share with you the minimal amount I have accomplished thus far on my Christmas decorating marathon. I share this to help encourage you on your own decorating journey. I am not being coy, I can truly appreciate how daunting the decorating process can be. I literally stood in my garage amidst the rows of bins stack to the ceiling. I began to feel like I was a character in “The Cask of Amontillado” lost in the catacombs. I hadn’t the slightest inkling as to where to begin. My typically creative forte had vanished somewhere in all the garlands. I caught brief glimpses of my bewildered expression in the reflection of all the ornaments. But alas, after my bout with creative diversion, I drug in the first bin and began my quest. So in the photos presented you will see an entire days worth of work. To the untrained eye you are probably somewhat surprised that I, the decorating savant, couldn’t possibly have accomplished so much more. But if you speak decorating fervor, you will definitely understand the vehemence of my 10 hour undertaking. I will get up tomorrow morning and again repeat this process, dread, resolve, enlightenment and finally accomplishment! Keep me posted on how you are doing on your Christmas renovation. I will help to encourage and inspire you, and in turn, you will help do the same for me. Enjoy!!

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